cbd oil for anti aging

Can CBD Help With Anti-Aging?

CBD oil is often touted as a skincare product – but what can it really do for the skin? There are claims that it can reduce acne, improve eczema, help get rid of eye bags, and even possess the highly sought-after anti-aging ability the Fountain of Youth promises. Question is – how accurate are these claims?

what is cbd?

Extracted from the hemp plant and into an oil base, cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plants. Since CBD doesn’t cause a ‘high’ in the way THC does, people have been finding positive benefits of the compound to help improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and improve general wellness. While more research is needed for CBD to be considered a cure, or treatment, the results we do have are promising and the anecdotal evidence building from CBD users is never-ending.

Despite CBD being hemp-derived, CBD oil is not hemp oil or hemp seed oil The two are often seen marketed interchangeably, but there is a distinct difference. Hemp seed oil contains negligible amounts of CBD or other cannabinoids, if any at all. CBD oil generally extracted under a Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum process, which effectively retains all cannabinoids, terpenes, and other necessary plant matter.

The best way to ensure you’re really getting CBD oil as opposed to hemp seed oil or other mislabeled products is to check the ingredients list. If there is no mention directly of “hemp aerial parts” or “cannabidiol” on the list, then there is little chance there’s CBD in the container in any reasonable quantity.

is cbd oil legal?

Regulations for CBD and other hemp-derived products in the US vary from state-to-state. As of 2018, the Farm Bill effectively rescheduled hemp as a commodity instead of a Schedule I drug the way cannabis is. Given the change, its cultivation, manufacturing, and consumption is generally legal nationwide so as long as the THC content does not exceed 0.3% on a dry weight basis.

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what causes aging?

Aging is a biological process – against our wishes, the body produces approximately 1% collagen each year after the age of 20, resulting in the loss of firmness that’s often seen in elderly people. The skin becomes thinner and more delicate, while moisture is reduced the equally slow decline of natural oil production. This combination of oil and collagen production loss decreases the elasticity in the skin, thus diminishing the skin’s capabilities to heal.

As we age, environmental conditions become a bigger factor that can affect skin health and contribute to obvious signs of aging. External pollutants and sun damage play a role in causing the skin to wrinkle, become more fragile, show hyper-pigmentation, deep lines, age spots or sunspots over time. It’s actually the external factors that have the biggest impact on how the skin ages, versus about 10% being the direct result of the biological process that it is.

The question is, how could CBD help reduce or mitigate the impacts these factors play when it comes to signs of aging?

cbd and anti-aging

Wrinkles – there are a plethora of reasoning people like to say you’re getting them. Exacerbated by outside factors, crow’s feet or any wrinkles can appear because of long periods of extensive stress, sun exposure from UV rays, smoking or even just a genetic predisposition to get them.

Studies, clinical trials, and preliminary evidence indicates CBD’s antioxidant properties could be what helps contribute to the less visible signs of aging skin. In fact, the National Institute of Health has a patent on CBD and other cannabinoids’ antioxidant and neuro-protective properties, citing that cannabinoids could be made useful as a treatment for various conditions including several age-related diseases. Both types of properties are essential in anti-aging treatments, which can not only increase overall wellness, but also diminish the signs of wrinkles in older individuals.

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CBD doesn’t stop there, though. On the contrary, there are many benefits to CBD that could be looked at as beneficial for anti-aging, as well. For example, people that use CBD to reduce inflammation appear to have a more youthful, healthier-looking skin after consistent use. While this is anecdotal, many people report that CBD visibly reduces the appearance of redness and dullness, as well as their fine lines and wrinkles. As an effect, CBD supposedly counteracts free radical damage, which is accrued from the sun and other pollutants that touch our skin each day.

A natural moisturizer when using the appropriate base, CBD oil could help overall skin health by managing dry skin and promoting the body’s natural oil production. At the same time, cannabinoid works to improve moisture retention, lessening the chances of dry skin in the future.

When using the right CBD oil, it can soothe certain types of pain, as well as make the skin look naturally refreshed. While everyone’s experience with CBD is different, and the same effects may not be shared by all users, routine, daily use of the same product is what’s supposed to optimize the chances that you feel effective and genuine relief.

can cbd help those with sensItive skin?

For people with sensitive skin – in the same ballpark as desiring CBD’s anti-aging properties to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, CBD oil may also help with sensitive skin or people that frequently experience an allergic reaction to other skin care products. As it has significant soothing properties, CBD may help with skin’s sensitive and even redness and skin tone. You may not consider yourself to have sensitive skin, but environmental stressors can affect all skin types. CBD’s soothing properties can help keep senstive skin better regulated to manage discomfort and sensitivity.

can cbd reverse the signs of age?

When we say CBD anti-aging properties, we’re mostly talking about it as a preventative measure to slow down and prevent the appearance of wrinkles before they occur. There may be some evidence, however, that CBD could also reverse the signs of aging that are already present.

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Antioxidants are ultimately what helps halt the aging process as it works to reduce the number of free radicals to rid the skin of potential damage. Free radicals and other external pollutants are what causes collagen in the skin to break down, so antioxidants also help to slow collagen loss by stopping these pollutants in their tracks.

Anti Aging

We all know that aging is a natural part of life. At the same time, many of us fear and dread the thought of growing old — we worry about our mobility, our memory, and more. But it’s not just the cognitive wear and tear on our minds; for many of us, it’s also the increase in wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots that comes with getting older.

Because of this, there are countless anti-aging supplements and lotions, serums, and creams aimed at preserving our cognitive abilities and reducing or preventing signs of aging.

One potential hidden gem for anti-aging is cannabidiol (CBD oil), derived from the cannabis plant. In one experiment detailed in Nature Medicine journal, researchers discovered that THC improved the power of recollection in older mice, making them cognitively similar to younger mice. Cannabis can also help ease the various aches and pains or symptoms of illness we may struggle with as we get older.

As for your skin, CBD oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it can help counteract free radicals and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots. It’s also great for dry skin, which we experience more as we age. At cannabisMD, we’ll bring you the latest research and personal stories about cannabis and CBD and their potential in the fight against aging.