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Shopping For CBD: Five Tips On How To Choose The Right CBD Product For Your Needs Today, the CBD industry is enormous; wherever you turn, you will come across different CBD products. The huge Knowing what to purchase when looking for CBD products can be tricky. Read our CBD Oil Buying Guide to help you find the right CBD product for you.

Shopping For CBD: Five Tips On How To Choose The Right CBD Product For Your Needs

Today, the CBD industry is enormous; wherever you turn, you will come across different CBD products. The huge demand and size of the market have resulted in a great assortment of CBD products, providing consumers with a massive range of choice.

Since taking a particular CBD product is a highly personal experience, it is imperative that all of these different products exist. Whatever your ailment, there is a CBD product that will suit your needs and your lifestyle. To make things a little easier for you, here are five factors to consider when buying CBD products for you.

Know The Different Types Of CBD Products

As you have probably noticed, there are a wide variety of CBD products on the market, ranging from oils and vapes to creams and suppositories. Each format is thought to affect you in a slightly different way – for example, all CBD products require specific delivery methods, which means each of them provides different bioavailability and some can act faster than others.

Besides, it’s all about personal preference. Some people will prefer a cream or an edible to start with, as it is something more familiar, while others will choose oil or tincture, as this is what they have heard the most about.

You also need to understand what you want to use CBD for. For skin conditions or pain relief in one specific area, you can choose the topical format, for fast-acting effects vape products, suppositories and sublingual tinctures can be the best choice while if you need a consistent supply of CBD oil throughout the day, you might want to purchase oral formats like capsules or edibles.

Opt For A Product That Suits Your Lifestyle

One of the most crucial things to consider when shopping for CBD products is how easily they can be incorporated into your daily routine. Each method of CBD intake offers its own unique set of advantages and outcomes. Some options can be used quickly and easily, which means they are perfect for those on the go, while others may take more time and patience.

If you tend to use CBD at home every morning or evening before bed, then oil tinctures are a great choice because you can easily store the bottle in your medicine cabinet or bedside drawer. However, if you would like to take CBD on the go, then capsules or edibles like gummies are a much better solution. Both of these options are discreet, convenient and offer a pre-measured dose of cannabidiol (CBD), so there is no need to calculate the dosage before every intake.

Also, in case you like the idea of soaking in a warm bath after a long day, you might want to try out CBD bath bombs, sip calming CBD tea or light some CBD infused candles while fans of skincare may pamper themselves with various beauty and cosmetic products, from face masks to lip balms.

Decide On The CBD Extract

Aside from different product formats, there are also three main types of CBD extract, such as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate.

CBD isolate is considered the purest form of the extract, containing nothing more than CBD oil. CBD isolate is a great choice for people who want to experience the positive effects of CBD but do not want or cannot take THC compound. Plus, pure CBD oil can allow users to get the potential benefits of CBD directly, without being changed by other natural components in the hemp plant.

Broad-spectrum CBD also contains cannabidiol and all the other compounds found within the plant, save for THC. Such type is the perfect CBD extract for those who want to receive all of CBD’s beneficial cannabinoids, but might have a sensitivity to THC, or are worried about consuming small amounts due to career-related drug testing.

Full-spectrum contains minor cannabinoids, flavonoids, aromatic terpenes and other compounds found in hemp as well as allowed amounts of THC. Both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD formulations support what has been described as “the entourage effect“, the theory that suggests that all cannabinoids can work together to amplify the therapeutic effects and have a more positive impact on the human body.

Choose The Right CBD Concentration

CBD products also come in different concentrations, with some contain higher amounts of cannabidiol than others, so there is something for everyone. If you are new to CBD, the general rule of thumb is to start with a low dose, gradually increasing it until desired effects take place.

The key is to monitor how specific doses of CBD affects your body, which will give you more information on how to adjust your dosage in the future. When it comes to dosage adjustment, oil tinctures make it easy to tailor the serving to your particular needs and identify the minimum effective supply. Once you know the right CBD strength, you can switch to other products that are available in the concentration you need or simply purchase CBD oil with higher potency.

And Check The Amount Of THC In The Product

The misconceptions that circulate suggesting everything made from hemp will get you “high” are further from the truth. Most hemp products contain an insignificant percentage (usually less than 0.03%) of THC. This quantity cannot get you intoxicated and is legal in many jurisdictions.

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However, since a lot of CBD products have flooded the market these days, it’s not so easy to identify which products are reliable and which ones are fake. Therefore, it is wise that when buying the best CBD capsules, creams, tinctures or any other cannabidiol infused product, you check for lab reports and even better third-party lab reports. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a document from a certified third party laboratory confirming that a regulated product meets its specifications. This helps you double-check if the concentrations that are advertised by the brand are what exactly their products contain.

How to Choose a CBD Oil Product

Knowing what to purchase when looking for CBD products can be tricky. Understanding the lingo, measurements, and types of CBD are key to buying the right CBD for you. This CBD buyer’s guide can help you find the right CBD product and help you better understand CBD.

What is CBD?

Before exploring what you should look for in a CBD product, let’s first understand what CBD is and what CBD has to offer. CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol, which is a naturally occurring compound extracted from hemp plants. CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid found in hemp and is the second most well-known cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. CBD oil is made by first being extracted from hemp plants through one of three methods. After the CBD is isolated from the plant material, it is tested to determine the purity and potency. The CBD is then added to carrier oils and other ingredients to create different CBD oils and CBD products. CBD oil is a popular wellness supplement known to offer various health benefits. The benefits CBD has to offer include relieving minor discomfort and supporting a positive mental state and overall health.

What Type of CBD Oil Is Right For Me?

There are three main types of CBD oil on the market to choose from, but deciding which one is right for you without understanding the different types may make it confusing. Here is the information regarding each type.

Full Spectrum

Full-spectrum CBD products, also known as whole-plant extract, are the least processed and filtered CBD products. Full-spectrum CBD contains the fullest possible profile of hemp plant compounds, meaning it contains the plant’s natural terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. These cannabinoids include small amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBN (cannabinol), CBG (cannabigerol), and more. Full-spectrum hemp CBD contains no more than 0.3 percent THC, which isn’t enough THC to cause any psychoactive effects. Full-spectrum CBD is considered the most effective and beneficial due to the other compounds working together in a phenomenon called the entourage effect. If you aren’t concerned about THC, choose a full-spectrum CBD product to get the most out of your CBD product.


Broad-spectrum CBD products are almost the same as full-spectrum CBD, minus the THC. The entourage effect still occurs with broad-spectrum CBD, except it won’t have the exact same effect as full-spectrum due to the lack of THC. Broad-spectrum CBD is ideal for those who live in states where THC is prohibited or for those who are concerned about THC.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate products contain purely CBD and no other cannabinoids or plant compounds. Since CBD isolate doesn’t contain other compounds, which can improve the effectiveness of the CBD, CBD isolate isn’t ideal when other products are available.

Read our blog to learn more about the CBD spectrum.

What Goals Do I Want to Achieve By Taking CBD?

The reason you may want to use CBD or currently use CBD may impact what CBD product you use. Consider what goals you may want to achieve by taking or continuing to take CBD.

Overall Wellness

If you are looking for a product that will improve overall health, turn to our CBD Oils and our other CBD wellness products. Our CBD oils contain no added sugars and don’t contain unnecessary calories. Our selection of CBD wellness products includes capsules, oil tinctures, water solubles, gummies, and more.

Recommended Products: CBD Oils, and CBD wellness products.

Improve sleep

If you are looking for ways to improve your sleep, any CBD product without energy-boosting ingredients should do the trick. Simply take CBD before bed or try our CBNight Oil.

Recommended Products: CBD Oils, CBNight, and CBD Capsules.

Everyday Stress

All of our CBD products have the ability to reduce everyday or occasional stress and support a positive mindset. But if caffeine causes your everyday stress levels to increase, avoid CBD products containing caffeine or energy-boosting ingredients.

Recommended Products: CBD Oils, CBD Gummies, and CBD Water.

Localized Discomfort

If you are experiencing a localized issue, specifically related to joint or muscle discomfort, our CBD Topicals are a great option to target that specific area for faster, localized absorption.

Overall Relief

Our Relief CBD products can offer you overall relief from everyday stress, relief from minor discomforts, and support an improved mental state. Our selection of CBD products for relief includes tinctures, water solubles, topicals, gummies, brownies, candy, and more.

Recommended Products: CBD products for Relief.

To Try It Out

If you are looking for a CBD product to try out, try our most loved product: Water Soluble Hemp Oil. It comes in five different flavors and is fast-acting, meaning it will absorb into your system within minutes. Our CBD Gummies are also a great product to try thanks to the variety of delicious flavors and convenience of taking them wherever.

What CBD Strength Should I Buy?

CBD products use milligrams to refer to the potency or strength of CBD contained in each product or service size.

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Low Strength

If you are new to CBD, have a fast metabolism, or have a low body mass index (BMI), start with a product that contains a lower potency, between 5 to 10 mg per serving. Start with CBD oils or products containing 150mg to 300mg.

Medium Strength

For those who are somewhat used to taking CBD on occasion or have an average BMI, CBD products containing a medium strength are a good option. Purchase products containing 450 to 750 mg or use 15 to 30 mg per serving.

High Strength

For those who are accustomed to taking CBD, have a higher BMI, or have a higher tolerance for CBD, extra-strength CBD products are the ideal option. Purchase CBD products containing 750 to 900 mg or use 30 mg per serving.

Our shopping page includes filters on the left side to make it easier to filter for the CBD strength you are looking for. To understand CBD serving size, read our blog on CBD Dosage.

What Method of Taking CBD is right for me?

There are five main ways of taking CBD. Once you establish a method of taking CBD that is right for you, then you can pick the CBD product best suited for that method.


Sublingual use of CBD is when a CBD Oil , tinctures, lozenge, spray, or candy is placed under the tongue for the absorption of the CBD to begin in the mouth. This process allows for quicker absorption into the body as opposed to ingesting the CBD product. Sublingual use is the ideal way to use CBD because of the fast yet safe absorption rate compared to other methods. This excludes water-soluble CBD oil, which has a rapid absorption rate even when ingested.

Recommended Products: CBD Oils, CBD Gum, and CBD Candy.


Ingesting CBD is when the product is swallowed or eaten without first allowing it to dissolve under the tongue. CBD products meant for ingestion come in multiple forms: CBD capsules or pills, CBD drinks, CBD gummies, or CBD foods. Ingesting CBD products are easy to take but the CBD takes longer to absorb into the system than other forms. This method can take up to 3 hours to take effect because the CBD is partially absorbed in the digestive tract. However, the effects may last longer because it stays in the system for a longer period of time.

Water Soluble

Taking water soluble CBD is similar to ingesting CBD, but the CBD is absorbed into the body more quickly. Our advanced proprietary nanotechnology breaks up the CBD oil into tiny particles for quicker absorption and faster results. You can see results from water soluble CBD in as little as 15 minutes after taking it. The water-soluble properties also make it mix with water or other beverages easily. Mix it with your favorite drink or swallow on its own, water soluble CBD is easy to take and fast-acting!


CBD topicals, Skin Care Products, Lotions, Bath Bombs, bath salts, and Soaps are products designed to be used on the exterior of the body. When CBD is used topically, it’s absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. These products are ideal for targeted muscle, skin or joint discomfort, or full-body muscle relaxation.


Inhaling CBD vapor or smoke allows for CBD to enter the body’s system within minutes, but inhaling any type of smoke may be dangerous. CBD Joints, vape pens, or other smoking apparatuses are designed to inhale CBD smoke or vapors. For those who are already accustomed to inhaling smokes or vapors, smoking CBD may be an ideal option for you. To learn more about CBD joints, visit our blog post, How to Roll a Joint.

Recommended Products: Hemp Flower Products, including CBD Joints, and CBG Hemp Flower.

Learn more about the Ways to Use CBD Oil on our blog.

How Often Do I Take Or Want To Take CBD?

Having the right CBD product for your frequency of use is important to consider when buying CBD.


If you’re looking for a CBD product for daily use, for example, to improve mental state on a regular basis or combat daily discomfort, we recommend using a product, or multiple products, you are most comfortable taking. We recommend products from our wellness and relief products that fit your lifestyle. You can even combine products, like taking a CBD energy gummy in the morning and taking CBD oil at night to make sure you always have CBD in your system.

On Occasion

For those who are looking for a CBD product to take on occasion for when you are in need of a CBD dose to calm your nerves, boost muscle repair, or help you relax, try keeping CBD gummies or CBD water solubles on hand for when you need it.

I Have Dietary Restrictions, What CBD Products Are Right for Me?

Some CBD products may contain ingredients that aren’t suitable for those with dietary restrictions.


Most CBD oils and tinctures are made with plant-based oils, natural flavors, and vegan ingredients. Those who are vegan should avoid CBD gummies and CBD capsules, as some of them may contain gelatin. Some CBD beauty and skin products may also contain animal products like lanolin, animal fats, and tallow, so make sure to check the ingredients. Many of our CBD skin care products, CBD capsules, and CBD oils are vegan-friendly and aren’t tested on animals.

Gluten Allergy

CBD is naturally gluten-free, but other ingredients in CBD products and the processing of CBD may contaminate the product with gluten. Labels won’t typically explicitly claim to be gluten-free, so read the label to determine if there are any ingredients added that contain gluten. Local, organically grown hemp and CBD products manufactured by the CBD company themselves are usually not contaminated by gluten ingredients. CBD American Shaman’s products are made with eco-friendly hemp and are processed in plants containing no gluten contaminants.

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Other Allergies

There is a chance that some people may be allergic to cannabis derivatives or allergic to other ingredients in the CBD product. If you experience any allergic reactions to a CBD product, discontinue taking it and seek medical attention if the reaction is severe. Learn more about CBD Allergies on our blog.

Can I Give CBD Oil To My Pet?

CBD also works on pets similar to the way it works with humans. CBD is safe to give to your pet, however, you won’t want to give them the same product you are taking. CBD American Shaman offers CBD pet products designed for cats, dogs, and horses. Our natural CBD pet products can help keep your furry friend calm, happy, and healthy. Read our blog on Vet CBD Oil to learn more about using CBD on your pets.

We offer various dog CBD products with different flavors to ensure you find one your furry friend loves. If you are seeking CBD benefits for your dog on a daily basis, we recommend our CBD Dog Food, which is made with real chicken and is bowl-licking good. If you would like to give your dog CBD every once in a while, like before the vet, for 4th of July fireworks, or when your dog may be extra anxious, we recommend any of our Dog CBD oils and Soft CBD Dog Treats. Our all-natural dog treats are made with beef and are bound to be your dog’s favorite new treat. Our Dog CBD Oils are beef and cheese flavored, making it easier to administer to do your dog.

Our cat CBD oils are designed to support cat-health and wellness at any stage in their life. If you are seeking an easy way to give your cat CBD on a daily basis, try our CBD cat food made with real chicken. Our feline CBD oils are also great for when your cat needs help calming down or relaxing before a triggering event.


Our CBD horse liniment is designed to help ease your horse’s joint and muscle discomfort after a long day of riding. It can also be used for hoof health and helping minor wounds heal. Our apple-flavored CBD treats can help promote a sense of calmness in your horse and improve overall well being.

Recommended Products: CBD Horse Treats and CBD Horse Liniment.

What to Look for When Buying CBD

Why Should I Buy High-Quality CBD?

Not all CBD products are the same and the quality of the CBD varies by company. Buying high-quality CBD ensures you are getting your money’s worth and getting what is actually on the label. Some CBD manufacturers don’t lab test their products, meaning the product label isn’t accurate. Low-quality or fake CBD may contain harmful chemicals, more than the legal limit of THC, and less CBD than the product label states. Purchasing high-quality, real CBD oil means you won’t be jeopardizing your health and won’t be wasting your money. Learn more on our blog about how to spot the real CBD from the fake CBD.

How Do I Find a Reliable CBD Brand?

You should always purchase CBD from reputable brands to ensure you are purchasing safe, legal, and real CBD. Ask yourself the following questions in order to determine if the CBD company is reputable:

  • Does the company provide lab testing and third-party lab testing to determine if the product meets purity and potency standards?
  • Does the company provide educational information on their website?
  • Do the products follow federal regulations of containing no more than 0.3 percent THC or no THC where prohibited?
  • Do the product labels contain product potency (typically outlined in milligrams), ingredients, nutritional facts, and suggested serving size?
  • Are quality-assurance and customer satisfaction services available?
  • Does the company provide a secure and user-friendly buying experience?

The more you answer yes to these questions, the more likely the company is reputable and trustworthy to purchase from.

How Much Does CBD Oil Cost?

When purchasing CBD, you will be paying for the amount of CBD in the product as opposed to the size of the product. CBD oil typically costs anywhere between $0.02 to $0.25 cents per milligram of CBD. High-quality, real CBD is more in the range of $0.20 to $0.25 per milligram of CBD. You may notice that a CBD company offers two of the same sized CBD oil bottles at different prices. This is because the more expensive bottle contains more CBD than the other. For example, you may pay around $60 for a bottle of CBD oil with a 300mg strength and $180 for a bottle of CBD oil with a 900mg strength. When purchasing CBD, make sure to look at the CBD milligram strength and not just the size of the product to make sure you’re getting enough CBD for the price.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

There is no set amount of CBD someone should take because everyone’s body, health, and tolerance are different. A good way to start taking CBD is by starting with a small amount, tracking how you feel, and working your way up until you feel the desired effects. Learn more about CBD Dosage on our blog.

Know what CBD products are right for you? Start supporting your overall wellness today!

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